Take back the web. Piece by Piece.

Fireclip is a nifty Firefox extension which allows you to clip out portions of webpages and reload them later to check for updates.


  • Easy and speedy selection of area to be clipped, with precise positioning during reloading.
  • Fireclip contains a "Gallery" view for quick viewing of clips, with an ability to choose the clips shown in the Gallery.
  • Fireclip is not a scrapbook! No "signup" is necessary.


Advanced clip selection

Fireclip 0.2 includes a intuitive web inspector that auto-highlights potential clips as you move your mouse over the web page. This is a time saver as only one mouse click is needed.

Improved gallery interface

The new gallery interface allows you to rearrange your clips around the page and close them once you are done viewing.

Smart clip viewing

Thanks to XPath technology, Fireclip is able to re-calculate the clip's content and auto-resize the clip's dimension to suit any newly updated content.

Enhanced workflow

The "tree" functions as a mini-bookmark list. Simply click in the "Show" column to make a clip be shown in the Gallery. Right click gives you the added power to hide or show all clips. "Open Link in New Tab" allows you to open the webpage in full mode right in the comfort of Firefox.